Caloundra Restaurant

Top 3 Restaurants In Caloundra That You Must Visit At Least Once

Finding the right restaurant that matches your vibe is not as easy as one would think. One of the other factors is missing out on a restaurant. So what can a person do in order to avoid such a situation?

And it is indeed essential to find such a place where you will be able to be comfortable while simultaneously enjoying some of the most scrumptious meals of all time.

Do not worry; we have covered. In this, we are going to talk about some of the most outstanding Restaurant In Caloundra of all time.

So let us begin with the journey. 

Must-Try Out Restaurant In Caloundra

If you are new to the place or are a tourist, this blog will help you navigate the best restaurants of all time. 

  • Harry Beach Bistro

Let us start from the local as well as the tourist favorite. Harry beach bistro is one of those places that stays in the mind weeks and months after visiting it. It is the ambiance, and the food is its USP, but you will also be able to enjoy the live music along with its bar facilities. It is indeed one of the Best Restaurants in Esplanade, and if you want a place that will calm your mind and give you peace while simultaneously serving excellent food and remarkable services, then you must keep harry beach restaurant on the top list. Apart from that, they also have an outdoor dining lounge area to enjoy the nature and feel of the beach. Some of their iconic dishes include:

  1. Chicken parmigiana
  2. Pollo Funghi
  3. Scallopini Funghi
  4. Chicken marsala
  5. Pork Diabolus
  6. Chicken and bacon risotto
  7. Neapolitan pizza
  8. Tiramisu 
  • Drift bar

Another option for you is a drift bar; it too includes excellent food and lives music. Apart from that, you are also welcome to try out their bar menu if you feel a little frisky. Drift bar is entirely a beautiful place with a great outdoor area. It also has a glass panel that helps you enjoy the surroundings in all kinds of weather. If you are a brunch or breakfast person, you can visit the drift bar as they provide breakfast and lunch services. 

  • Amici restaurant

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? If yes, then Amici Restaurant is the perfect go-to place for you. Pair your delicious Italian cuisine with some rich wine and enjoy your evening with family or friends. It is a cozy little place that has become local’s favorite place once in a while. You can try out their special dish linguine prawns or even the vegos with the risotto that the chef cooks with red capsicum, mushrooms, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, chili, and garlic in their special in house Napoli sauce.

I hope this list might help you jot down some of the highlighted places or restaurants in Caloundra. Whatever you might choose, make sure to book a table beforehand and talk to the staff member about the table facilities to avoid any mishap.