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Restaurants Kitchen Secrets That Each Owner Should Know To Run Like A Pro

Running a kitchen smoothly in a restaurant is not an easy deal. There goes a lot of work and other factors that accumulate the structure of an excellent restaurant. The owner of the Restaurant Bar in Kings Beach would be required to take care of each thing and follow the motto of the French, saying, “everything is in place.”

In short, if you want your cooking to be as perfect as the top-notch kitchen, then there are specific rules of criteria that you would have to follow. Although you can tweak certain things, keep in mind not to discard the rules entirely.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some ways by which you can make your place the Best Restaurant Caloundra. 

Kitchen Secrets For Your Restaurant

These are some of the secrets that might help you run your restaurant like a pro. 

  • Freeze before slicing

You can not deny the fact that it is absolutely challenging and disturbing to slice or grate some slippery items that are soft. It is indeed one of the most frustrating things in the kitchen. But not anymore; you can change this perspective with this simple trick.

All you would require to do is start popping them up in the freezer before you start slicing them. All you would need is 10 minutes, as you would not want to wait long enough for your cheese or raw bacon to become solid. It is a fact that chilling raw meat is so much easier to slice than otherwise. 

  • Replace sheet pans with sizzle platters

Do you know what the star of the show is in any big restaurant? The sizzlers platter.

Almost all big commercial restaurants use these oval-shaped, tiny metal pans. It is a perfect solution for you to broil steaks, melt cheese on burgers, and quickly roast those nuts.

Apart from that, they are also very light and stackable, which is why you would be able to fit many of them in the pantry or cooking station without any difficulty. To top it off, their small size makes it much easier and breezy to clean them. And also, cooking a single portion is accessible. Each sizzler platter has a raised lip which is why you would not have to be concerned about the sauces and the juices running off. 

  • Date and label

It is one of the most efficient secrets or ideas that has helped keep the pantry fresh. All you would need to do is buy a transparent container so that you would be able to recognize it. After that, you would have to label them. As we all know that all of those containers look identical, it is necessary that you know what is inside them and when you brought them. This will also help you see the expiry date.

You would want to do it like a pro. In professional restaurants, the chef and the staff members do not label them with label markers. Instead, they are an evident user of painter’s tape to label them.