Breakfast Or Brunch! Start Your Day With Some Soulful Dishes

It is said that breakfast is the most important part of the meal. There is no lie even, it is very good to have a healthy and nutritional breakfast in the morning. However, many go BIG with the menu and order themself hearty dishes that are super fulfilling.

Restaurant Bar in Esplanade makes sure to serve you dishes that would fulfill your heart with some mouth-watering recipes.

The 1st meal of the day is indeed pretty good, after all, it is the favourite of many, to wake up in the morning with the aroma of a delicious meal being cooked. Apart from breakfast, the trend of brunch has still been around the corner, people visit restaurants with their friends and family and enjoy the lavish meal wholeheartedly.

PLEASE NOTE: in Restaurant Bar in Esplanade Kings Beach you can vibe to the feel of the ambience with your friends and loved ones and enjoy the delicious meal with some great wine choices to compliment it.

What’s On The Toast?

People are very adventurous nowadays, they try to make new recipes that they have seen on their Instagram feed. The latest trend that they have followed and have been very successful too, let me tell you, was the “Avocado Toast ”. avocado has always been a very staple ingredient for breakfast, but the trend has sealed the deal for them and made them the number 1 selling item for breakfast and brunch.

Apart from avocado toast, peanut butter and jam will always be the favourites of many, no one can forget the nostalgic treat.

Let’s Meet The Meat!

There can be a big debate on whether meat belongs to the category of breakfast. I would say to each its own. However, bacon, rich in protein, is a number 1 option for a go-to breakfast menu. But nowadays fried chicken is also trying to fight for the position with its popularity as a breakfast meal. Chicken and waffles, a very Instagram-worthy shot has been popularised with the help of social media.

Eggcellent Move!

Egg and breakfast have been friends for ages, there are so many recipes that are famous in each country with different variants, that it is impossible to miss eggs on the breakfast menu. Be it eggs benedict, sunny side up, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and many others you can never leave eggs behind.

Colourful Plate!

A colorful plate that tastes good and has a great nutritional value. What more do you want from your breakfast meal. YES! We are talking about fruits, a healthy and fulfilling way to start a day in the morning. If you are not a breakfast type of person. Eating fruits in the morning will definitely be your thing.

Final comments!

No matter what time of the day it is, treat yourself with dishes that would satisfy you to your core. At Harry’s Beach Bistro, YOU can satisfy your soul with some delicious cooked meals and wine.